Alison and Charlie

We Welcome you to the World of Cosmic Moose Art. A World created in New Hampshire from the Paintings by Artist Charlie Kuizinas and brought to life in Merchandise by Alison Joyce. These enchanted Scenes of Moose and other Wildlife in Cool and Unusual Situations are then Handcrafted into a wide array of Unique Products such as Signed and Matted Prints, Wooden Print Panels, Greeting Cards, Magnets, Stickers and More!

The scenes are wild and fun and often have humorous undertones, The Moose wears Special Technicolor Sunglasses that allow him to see Vibes and Moods in Full Color. He can see the movement of Air around objects and the mood of the trees. He knows the way of the Stars in the sky. He’s one cool Moose…It’s not uncommon to find him hanging out with mythical creatures like Gnomes and the elusive Bigfoot. Most of all, he sees Love.

Alison and Charlie welcome you to explore this world of Magical Creatures, Creations and Products that celebrate Good Times and Good Vibes in the most enchanted land in the Universe!!!

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