HAPPY NEW YEAR-2021!!!!..

Photos of Miscellaneous Projects

Charlie with the tubing paintingThe Moose family Tubing down a magical River in the White Mountains of New Hampshire installed on the side of a shed.Whimsical Map Painting of Newfound Lake Area New HampshireA Groovy Moose Plays Guitar-- A creature painting on wood and cut out to shape. A wooden creature cutout of a Moose playing guitar at the Archway in Tilton, Nh Fulton A hand painted sign and wooden Moose and Raccoon cutouts for Branch Brook Campground in Campton, nhA painting of a black bear running with sticky buns shorts done for the annual Run Your Buns Off 4.2 Miler in Bridgewater, NhAlison and Charlie at the installation of the Sticky buns and black bear creature cutout in Bridgewater New Hampshire on Newfound Lake. Four foot tall painted sticky buns for the run your buns off 4.2 Miler in Bridgewater, NH at Basic Ingredients Bakery on Newfound Lake