HAPPY NEW YEAR-2021!!!!..

Newfound Lake, New Hampshire Magical Discovery Map

Newfound Lake, New Hampshire Area

This was an 18x24 Inch Acrylic Painting on Canvas for participating Businesses around the Newfound Lake Area in NH. It took over 6 months to Research, Arrange and Paint. There were an initial 10,000 copies that were distributed to those businesses with an additional amount to be run soon.

I wanted it to feel Magical. I wanted it to feel like you want to go and explore this area. It needed creatures. Lots of cool magical creatures like Gnomes and Bigfoot and Moose and Bears.

There are Hearts for the Strength and Love of this Community. And anyone who really knows my Art knows that the Hearts are also a significant symbol of my late Valentine Day Brother Ryan. I often hide Hearts in my work because that is my Brother, alive and well in my Mind.

Be well. Love one another. Help One another. Find some inner peace and a have Hope. Hope for a brighter tomorrow- and find Light Today.


***Greeting Cards and Limited Edition Prints and Puzzles and Beach Towels Coming SOON!!